Outdoors made easy.
No car? No problem.

Who is TOTAGO for?

Car-less urban dwellers • First time adventurers • Families trying to unplug • Eco-conscious travelers

Adventure without a car

Don’t let the absence of an automobile hinder your drive to get outdoors! Use TOTAGO to arrange hiking trips with public transit or shuttle alternatives that not only enable the carless, but also eliminate pesky parking problems.

Minimize Impact

Using car-free transportation reduces pollution and other environmental impacts, helping to protect and conserve the great outdoors.

Simple Planning

Let TOTAGO take care of the planning and logistics, so that rather than worry about the how's and when's, you just have to consider one question...which adventure?

Offline Maps

Always know where you're going and that you'll make it back home safely. With TOTAGO's free offline maps on our iOS or Android apps, you never have to rely on spotty cell service to get you where you need to go.

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  • Winner of the 2016 SHIFT Awards - Technology

    SHIFT: Outdoor Rec & Our Public Lands
  •   App of the Week: Totago connects users to custom hikes using public transportation  

  •   Research shows 62 percent of kids polled say lack of transportation keeps them from experiencing the outdoors.  

    Washington Nature Conservancy

Our Partners

Does your organization manage or protect outdoor recreation areas or open space? We offer data management services and specialize in identifying opportunities to increase public access to the land you manage. Contact us for more information.

In partnership with:

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust United States Forest Service The Wilderness Society Washington State Park Foundation Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition Seattle Trails Program

Are you a private shuttle company, or city transit authority? Adventure or tour company? Having problems optimizing your fleet? Contact us, we'd love to talk.

Sound Transit

Meet Our Team

Adrian Laurenzi


Adrian is passionate about using technology to promote social justice and environmental conservation. He is an experienced software engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur who leads the engineering effort for our web and mobile applications. Based in Seattle.

Yael Herrera


Yael's interests involve the development of data technologies, and their capacity to shift social and business paradigms. An experienced coder, he aids in the design and implementation of our applications, as part of our development team. Based in Mexico City.

Aaron Perlmutter


Aaron can’t stop thinking about the relationship between humans, nature and technology. His interests range from machine learning to traveling too much. For TOTAGO™, his efforts are focused on product and business development. Based in Denver.

Arpit Jain


Arpit designs easy-to-use and impressive interfaces and experiences for TOTAGO™. His imagination supplies him with countless ideas and he brings the best of them to life. This is his passion, his hobby and his work. Based in Mumbai, India.

Deep Dhillon

Technology Advisor

Deep is an accomplished technology executive with extensive experience conceptualizing, architecting and deploying multiple advanced networking applications. Based in Seattle.

Taylor J. Allison (TJ)

Growth Advisor

Based in San Francisco.

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